Team / Executive

Daniel Rigny

Founder and CEO

Daniel Rigny founded TwentyTwo Real Estate in 2012. He oversees the strategic development of the group and leads investment activities as CEO of the AIFM TwentyTwo Investment Management. He has 30 years’ experience investing in real estate assets and companies in Europe.

Through the creation of TwentyTwo Real Estate, Daniel Rigny has realized his vision of an integrated organisation covering the entire value chain. He has developed a first-class investor-operator model capable of executing sustainable and value-accretive real estate projects across all asset classes, with a track record among the best in Europe.

Previously, Daniel Rigny was a partner at Perella Weinberg Partners, in charge of real estate investments, after having been Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, co-head of Europe for real estate investment activities.

Daniel Rigny graduated from École Polytechnique (X89).





All teams (Directors and Managers)


Daniel Rigny

Founder and CEO

Philippe Couturier

Senior Managing Director

Jeremie Obadia

Managing Director Investments

Quentin Lamb

Finance Director

Nicolas Lutgé

Managing Director Asset Management

Alain Davoust

Managing Director Property Management

Hugo Morette

Managing Director Project Management

Stéphane Genty

Managing Director Technologies

Benjamin Saura-Neri

Investment Manager

Vafa Rohani

Fund Manager

Claire de Villepin

Investment Manager

Paul Le Menestrel

Investment Manager

Caroline Derouin

Asset Director

Alexandre Dotto

Asset Director

Clémence Perrier

Senior Asset Manager 

Iliès Acharhabi

Asset Director

Nadia Uwimana

Accountant Manager

Colette Goudiaby

Compliance and Internal Control Officer

Laurent Vouriot

Deputy Managing Director Property Management

Mélanie Martin

Director Client Accounting

Igor Davidovitch

Head of Residential Compliance

Fabien Deloeil

Commercial Real Estate Technical Director

Christophe Foy

Residential Technical Director

Lætitia Mondain

Director of Commercial Real Estate Management

Muriel Ziska

Director of Residential – Landlord Management

Hélène Couderc

Director of the South-East Region

Xavier Bodiou

Director of the South-West Region

Laurent Roux

Director of the Paris Region

Charlène Delcroix

Director of the North-East Region

Franck le Berrigaud

Director of the North-West and Loire Valley

Gilles Bollard

Director of Institutional Sales

Céline Miroir-Schwartz

Deputy Managing Director of Allowa

Barbara Constantin

Head of Network

Selwa Ferdi

Lead Product Manager

Anne-Lise Glinel

Head of Leasing

Samia Hamoudi

Key Account Manager - Real Estate Lawyer

Nathalie Doaré

Key Account Manager

Maxime Grenier

Lead Developer

Manuel Tazartes

Acquisitions Technical Manager

Alexandre Khayat

Head of Acquisitions

Morgane Bourdon

Head of Commercial Relations

Stéphanie Leucat

Human Resources Director

Fabienne Lacoste

Administrative and Accounting Director

Dina Sanches

Head of Communication

Benjamin Pernin

Head of IT Operations

Virginie Doucet

Head of Internal Control