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The leading European investor-operator

Our founding principles and our solid credentials make us a leading European investor-operator aiming to become a multi-generational company continuously creating more sustainable value for our investor partners and our employees.

Our values

We act with a strong sense of fiduciary duty and commitment in everything we do. We co-invest alongside our investor partners, sharing their risks and rewards with great determination to generate the best performance in all our assignments.

Our uncompromising approach is reflected at every stage of our business, from the rigorous investment selection process to the day-to-day asset management. We demand high standards at every stage, striving for excellence at every level. This discipline leads our group towards outstanding performance, inspiring full confidence from our investor partners.

Onboarding environmental, social, and governance considerations is not only a responsibility, but a core strategy. We make informed decisions based on a rigorous analysis of environmental matters to generate sustainable returns while meeting societal expectations. It’s our practical way of shaping a more responsible future for real estate.

All our activities are based on our long-term vision: to create a sustainable and multi-generational business. This vision is built around selecting investments with solid long-term fundamentals, a corporate culture that encourages diversity and the development of talent, and building lasting and mutually beneficial privileged relationships with our investor partners.

Our strengths


The fact that our group is owned and headed by its founder, combined with the commitment of its leadership team, ensures our autonomy and efficiency. Thanks to our independence and our human scale, our entrepreneurial spirit continues to guide us in our constant search for new opportunities and innovative strategies. This freedom enables us to implement our vision while focusing fully on achieving the objectives of our investor partners.

Integrated investor-operator

Our integrated investor-operator model combines high-value added investment solutions and management services. This approach ensures comprehensive control of the real estate value chain for all key asset classes on a European scale. This differentiated business model is key to generate robust performance in a real estate market where the energy transition and the evolution of uses have become of paramount importance.

Financial agility

Our financial agility enables us to master the complexities of capital structures and capital markets, hence picking the optimal risk-return profile in light of market conditions. This flexibility facilitates the implementation of creative investment and financing strategies aimed at maximising value creation.

Critical size

The critical size of all our businesses gives us a privileged position in real estate markets. This access to detailed, in-depth knowledge is a real advantage when it comes to identifying and analysing attractive investment opportunities that are often beyond the reach of most market players.

European reach

Our geographical reach, with main offices in Paris, London, and Luxembourg, underpins our ability to invest across Europe, enabling us to exploit the full potential of the European real estate market. Our sixteen regional offices across France ensure the on-the-ground implementation of our management strategies.


The relevance of our approach and our many strengths are reflected in our consistent and remarkable track record. From the outset, we have been able to adapt our investment strategies by anticipating the evolution of the real estate market and its uses, generating above-market returns and consistent performance for our investor partners.

A range of investment solutions tailored to each risk profile


Recurring income with
value creation

Value add/Opportunistic

High value-added investments


Structured financing


€4.8 billion

In our managed funds or under asset management mandate

€3.4 billion


€1.4 billion


Key figures as of December 2023


An expertise covering all real estate asset classes


337,000 sqm of assets under management
212,000 sqm of leases signed.
Portfolio includes Cœur Défense, Tour Europe and Tour W


6,880 single-family homes.
640,000 sqm located in 160 cities throughout France.
The portfolio includes Powerhouse Habitat


80,000 sqm under management.
140,000 sqm of leases signed


100,000 sqm of assets under management.
23,000 sqm of leases signed


Center Parcs Allgäu
750 cottages and sports and leisure facilities located in Germany

Key figures as of December 2023

Our team is our greatest asset

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