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Franck le Berrigaud

Director of the North-West and Loire Valley

Franck Le Berrigaud is Director of the North-West and Loire Valley – Paris Region within Scaprim Property Management – Services Division.

Based in Paris, he manages 6 branches in his region and is the “National Referent” for the main institutional mandate.

He has 25 years’ experience in social housing, managing local teams and refurbishment projects, as well as replacing components in communal apartment blocks and suburban neighbourhoods. Franck developed his expertise working for a number of well-known institutional landlords in the Paris region.

Before joining Scaprim Property Management, he was Maintenance Director and a Building Information Modelling Project Manager at Val d’Oise Habitat (20,000 homes).

Franck graduated from ESTP in Paris.

The Services division team


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Franck le Berrigaud

Director of the North-West and Loire Valley