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Allowa, a digital marketplace for residential transactions, with 1,500 transactions a year

With a track record of more than 25 years in residential transactions, Allowa has leveraged new technologies to offer its private and institutional clients an agile, digitised and efficient solution in order to optimise pricing and shorten marketing time.

A comprehensive, tailor-made and innovative offering across all housing types, by coordinating all the parties involved in the transaction process

Selling and renting at the best prices, reducing lead times

A data-driven solution

Allowa places data at the heart of its ecosystem, because it is now easily accessible and exploitable by new technologies. As data is essential for implementing an effective and consistent pricing policy as well as for ensuring a reliable reporting to clients, Allowa exploits data to improve its operational efficiency.

Digitalisation at the service of the customer

By digitalising the entire transaction process, from the publication of the listing to the online signing of the lease or the sale contract, Allowa offers ease of use, transparency and high-quality support to its customers. By setting up dedicated interfaces, Allowa facilitates interaction and communication between all parties involved in the transaction.

Human expertise based on 25 years' experience

Because buying a home is often the culmination of a lifetime, and an online sale cannot always fully capture the finer details and specificities of each project, we firmly believe in the importance of human interactions in the transactional process. Our passionate, market-savvy team is here to offer a tailored approach to help customers make the right decision when it comes to buying or renting our homes.

Meet the team

Business Division

  • Acquisition service
  • Institutional leasing service
  • Institutional and private sales service

Tech & Data Division

  • Product department
  • Development department
  • Data department


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Houses acquired

Cumulative figures as of December 2023 since 2020