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Building sustainable value

The real estate industry plays a crucial role in the transition to a more inclusive and environmentally friendly economy

Our ESG approach is one of our founding values and guides all our investment and management activities. We firmly believe that sustainability is the key to long-term success.

On the environmental front

We strive to minimise the carbon footprint of our activities by promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain. All our investments take into account their impact on biodiversity and their alignment with the Paris Accord, combining a best-in-class approach for the most energy-efficient assets and a best-in-progress approach for those whose performance needs to be improved. 

On the social front

Human resources are our most important asset. We strive to develop the talents of our employees while promoting diversity and inclusion, with the conviction that they drive creativity and excellence. Within out management activities, we promote the development of local employment with 17 locations and 237 employees throughout France and a network of 1,000 suppliers, 80% of which are small businesses. We are committed to combating inequality and support a number of philanthropic initiatives.



In terms of governance

We promote transparency, ethics and collegial decision-making to ensure the trust of our customers and partners. We encourage a collaborative culture aimed at sharing and passing on knowledge and best practices to all our employees, to ensure the long-term future of our business. 

Patronage and Philanthropy

TwentyTwo Real Estate supports the Ecole Polytechnique Foundation, of which the group’s CEO and founder, Daniel Rigny (X 1989), is a Major Donor (Grand Donateur). Among the Foundation’s many missions, research into the climate and the environment as well as actions to promote equal opportunities are causes that are close to our hearts and that we actively support.

As part of its commitment to protecting biodiversity and in line with its ESG approach, the Group has undertaken, through its investment vehicles, to support Reforest’Action’s forestry projects by financing the planting of trees for any surface let on assets held by them. More than 11,000 trees have been planted to date (December 2023).

Fondation XReforestaction

Member of ASPIM

Member of OID