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POWERHOUSE HABITAT announces the registration of its document de base with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in connection with its contemplated IPO on Euronext Paris

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  • Emergence of a residential real estate pure play in France
  • Contemplated IPO on the Euronext Paris regulated market

Paris, May 22, 2015. Powerhouse Habitat, a residential real estate pure play company, announces the registration of its document de base by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) under number l.15-042.


The registration of the document de base by the AMF constitutes the first stage of the IPO process for Powerhouse Habitat, subject to market conditions and the regulatory prerequisites, including in particular the delivery by the AMF of its visa on the prospectus relating to this transaction.

Daniel Rigny, President of Powerhouse Habitat, commented: “The contemplated IPO of Powerhouse Habitat will provide investors with access to a unique portfolio of residential properties spread across France.

The French residential rental market offers numerous investment opportunities which we want to take advantage of.

Powerhouse Habitat stands out for its long-term ownership strategy and local management, which places tenant satisfaction at the heart of its priorities. By accessing the capital markets, the company intends to play a major role in the private rental market and to contribute to the development of ownership, financing and management models for French housing.”

Powerhouse Habitat currently owns an attractive portfolio of over 7,000 housing units which are leased to EDF and valued at 1.2 billion Euros[1]. This unique portfolio is comprised of 91% of single-family homes, with an annual gross yield of 5.9%1.


Powerhouse Habitat’s document de base is available free of charge on the company Internet site ( and the AMF Internet site ( and is also available upon request from Powerhouse Habitat, at 52B rue de la Bienfaisance, 75008 Paris. Powerhouse Habitat draws the public’s attention to Chapter 4 “Risk factors” contained in the prospectus registered with the AMF.

About Powerhouse Habitat

Powerhouse Habitat is a French property company specializing in residential real estate. Powerhouse Habitat currently owns an attractive portfolio of over 7,000 housing units which are leased to EDF. This unique portfolio is comprised of 91% of single-family homes, with a gross annual yield of 5.9% as at December 31, 2014.

Powerhouse Habitat aims at positioning itself as the leading, listed residential real estate company in France. In order to achieve this ambition, Powerhouse Habitat relies on a selective acquisition strategy of affordable housing portfolios, principally located in the French regional markets which are supported by strong economic growth and demographics.

Powerhouse Habitat intends to apply for listing in the near future on Euronext Paris, in order to finance its growth, and will opt for SIIC status (French REIT status) by January 2016.

[1] As at December 31, 2014


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