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FINANCIERE SCAPRIM continues its transformation within the TWENTYTWO REAL ESTATE group of companies thanks to new governance and resources in order to better meet client needs.

FINANCIERE SCAPRIM is renamed SCAPRIM SERVICES. The key activities of the firm are now trading under three new brand names: SCAPRIM Property Management (previously Gestrimelec), SCAPRIM Asset Management and SCAPRIM Ventes (previously Scaprim GA).

The headquarters the SCAPRIM SERVICES companies have been moved to 52B, rue de la Bienfaisance, in the heart of the Paris CBD, in new office space facilitating the integration between the firm’s activities and offering new meeting space to welcome clients.

Finally the governance of the firm has been transformed with the creation of an executive committee chaired by Philippe Couturier, CEO of SCAPRIM SERVICES, and a Supervisory Board chaired by Marius Leroux.

The Executive Committee is comprised of, in addition to its Chairman, Alain DAVOUST, deputy CEO of SCAPRIM SERVICES, Anne GENOT, deputy CEO of SCAPRIM Asset Management, Olivier DUBOUREAU, CEO of SCAPRIM Property Management, and Laurent VOURIOT, deputy CEO of SCAPRIM Property Management.

Daniel RIGNY, founder of TWENTYTWO REAL ESTATE, and Michel VILAIN are members of the Supervisory Board.

Philippe COUTURIER, chairman of Executive Committee said: « Our ambition to become a leading independent real estate service provider to institutional clients in France follows a clear and well defined road map, of which the present transformations are key milestones»

Marius LEROUX, chairman of the Supervisory Board, added: « This step marks the beginning of a new development phase in the history of SCAPRIM. In the context of ever changing real estate market and economic environment, the capacity of a company to adapt to change is a key asset to succeed »


Founded by Marius Leroux in 1992, SCAPRIM SERVICES is the real estate services arm of TWENTYTWO REAL ESTATE in France which offers to institutional clients a “one-stop-shop” range of services dedicated to the management of real estate assets and value creation. SCAPRIM SERVICES manages circa €6 billion of assets generating €300 million of rents per annum comprised of 1,000,000 m² of office, industrial and retail assets as well as circa 17,000 residential units. SCAPRIM SERVICES is also a leading residential brokerage company with circa 10,000 units sold on behalf of clients during the last ten years. SCAPRIM SERVICES operates all over France through four regional headquarters and 13 local agencies employing a total staff of 150.