Building Sustainable Value

TwentyTwo Real Estate is an independent real estate firm, providing a full range of investment solutions and management services to institutional and private clients

Scaprim is the group’s subsidiary in France

The Firm

TwentyTwo Real Estate is an independent real estate firm providing a full range of investment solutions and management services to both institutional and private clients.

We are a fully integrated company that combines hands-on operational expertise and strong financial acumen to offer value accretive investment strategies across all real estate asset classes.

Our objective is to build long-lasting value for our investors, clients and employees. This is achieved by harnessing the complementary expertise of an experienced team of professionals who adhere to a highly-disciplined investment approach, while always being guided by our core set of principles.

Our Founding Principles

  • Our Principles

  • Accountability

    All of our businesses are founded on the basis of a strong fiduciary duty and an owner’s mindset. We put our capital on the line as co-investors alongside our capital partners and we engage in all our assignments with this mindset in order to deliver performance of the highest calibre.

  • Discipline

    We conduct our businesses with uncompromised care, fairness, and integrity. We stay grounded by keeping our founding vision at heart and staying focused on our companies, employees and on our clients. We run our businesses with efficiency and prudence.

  • Long-term vision

    Our ambition is to create and grow long-lasting businesses founded on a long-term commitment to preserve, cultivate and grow financial and human capital.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Our independent and entrepreneurial thinking is our strength. We use it to craft and deliver superior solutions and performance for our investors and clients.

  • Excellence

    We always seek to perform according to the highest standards and deliver outstanding results in everything we engage in.

  • Our Advantages

  • Full range of integrated solutions

    Full range of integrated solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • Operational expertise

    Operational expertise across all major asset classes enabling us to deliver superior performance.

  • Strong financial acumen

    Strong financial acumen leading us to deliver creative investment and financing solutions.

  • Critical size

    Critical size of all our services providing insightful and valuable market intelligence to our clients.

  • Proven track record

    Proven track record from a leadership team with 20 years average experience.

  • European footprint

    European footprint with a strong presence across France.

Key Figures

Assets Under Management

    • €4.8 Bn

in our managed funds or under our asset management mandates

    • €3.4 Bn
    • €1.4 Bn

Property Management

  • 3rd
    largest residential property manager in France
  • 18,400
    residential units under management
  • 1.6m sqm
    commercial assets under management

Project Management

  • 350,000 sqm
    across 56 projects
Note: key figures at October 2023

European Footprint

  • 20Offices
  • 240Employees
Investment focus
Main offices
Regional head offices
Regional offices

is the group's platform in France